What I Watched – October 18

18 Oct


I’m finally recovered from an AMAZING New York Comic Con weekend last week, and I’m getting caught up on all the TV I missed!

Episode of the Week

The Walking Dead – “No Sanctuary”
I have such a love-hate relationship with The Walking Dead. It is so often a few infuriating choices away from being a really good show it makes me crazy. But then it occasionally throws out an episode like this week’s season five premiere (premieres have always been a strong point for the series), or last season’s stunning “The Grove”, and I remember why I stick around through the frustrating episodes.

“No Sanctuary” was a great hour of TV. The show jumped right back in where we left off last season, with the bulk of the group locked up in the boxcar in Terminus. The episode wasted no time getting to the action, beginning with an excruciating sequence that saw Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Bob, and several people from another group tied up and lined up over a trough. The non-main characters were then knocked out with a baseball bat and had their throats slit one by one, in almost assembly line fashion. Gruesome stuff.

Meanwhile, Carol and Tyreese are slowly heading towards Terminus with Lil’ Ass-kicker baby Judith in tow. Tyreese is still visibly shaken from the Lizzie incident, unable to even bring himself to kill walkers. While they’re out walking, they stumble upon a guy from Terminus and overhear him talking about “the chick with the sword and the kid with the hat”. Carol immediately snaps into action mode.

I’ve written here before about my absolute love for Carol, and I’ll be talking about it again in my next video (Spoiler alert!), so I won’t get into it too much, but needless to say – watching her save the day in this episode was IMMENSELY satisfying. I love that this woman has become perhaps the strongest, savviest person in the group, able to immediately sense that something is wrong, put a plan in action, and save the people who matter to her.

Once Carol blew the ever-loving crap out of the Terminus compound – letting in a nearby zombie herd – all hell broke loose (in the best way!). The rest of the gang spent their time in the boxcar fashioning makeshift weapons out of whatever they can find. Wooden planks, Rosa’s earrings, pieces of pipe – you name it, it was getting sharpened for battle. Good thing, too, since it allowed for some very creative zombie killing as everyone escaped.

It probably got a little lost in the theatrics at Terminus, but I thought what the episode did for Tyreese was really well done. This is a guy we’ve seen struggle with loss and doing what needs to be done at times, but if he’s going to make it he’s going to have to learn to make the tough calls and do things that might fall in a morally gray area. Seeing him snap back into bad-ass mode to save Judith was a great step in that direction.

I’m curious to see where they’re headed this season – we’re starting to get into the chunk of the comics I don’t remember as much. Since they spent the time showing us the (albeit brief) origins of Terminus, will we see Gareth or any of those folks again? And what happens if/when Morgan finds the group (super exciting to see him again, by the way). Great start to the season, looking forward to what comes next!

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Vlog Season 2 #2 – Gilmore Girls

8 Oct

This week’s video is a few days early because I’m going to be at New York Comic Con on Friday!

After Gilmore Girls was added to Netflix streaming on October 1, I knew I had to do a video about the show. I talk a bit about how much I love the show and what, in my opinion, made it so great.

Were you guys as excited as I was about Gilmore Girls hitting Netflix?

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Pilot Review – A to Z

2 Oct


Tonight was the premiere of NBC’s new sitcom A to Z, starting Ben Feldman and Christina Milioti. I didn’t love the pilot, but it is very sweet and there’s a lot to like in the performances of Feldman and Milioti.

This is yet another show with a concept I’m not sure can sustain itself. We’re introduced to Andrew (Feldman) and Zelda (Milioti) on the day they meet, and are told via voiceover (provided by the wonderful Katey Sagal) that this show will document their entire relationship – all eight months and change of it. It’s left open to interpretation whether that means they get engaged at that point or break up – I’m sure that’s intentional – but I just don’t know what this show looks like if it succeeds and it’s locked into that timeframe. Seems like it’s falling into the same trap How I Met Your Mother did.

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What I Watched – September 27

27 Sep


This week was the first full week of the fall TV season, and WHAT A WEEK IT WAS! Lots of great stuff to watch.


Episode of the Week

Agents of SHIELD – “Shadows”
I mentioned in this week’s vlog that I hoped Agents of SHIELD season 2 could pick up and build on their streak of great episodes last season. So far, so good.

First of all, I loved the flashback to Peggy Carter and the Howling Commandos in the cold open. Hayley Atwell is just so good in that part, and I cannot wait to see her kicking ass in Agent Carter in a few months.

After the brief visit to 1945 The show jumped right back in to the action. It’s been several months since the finale with Coulson working as director and the team out on missions to attempt to gain intelligence and/or tech about/from Hydra. There are a few new people floating around the core team from last year – notably, Lucy Lawless as Agent Isabelle Hartley. Everything is a lot more intense, in general. The team seems battle-worn, Skye is a full-blown agent now, and Coulson is apparently never around as he flies around the world attempting to recruit loyal SHIELD agents.

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Vlog Season 2 #1 – Fall TV Preview

26 Sep

Another new vlog – but this week, the first episode of SEASON 2! I decided since it’s been over a year, it was time to kick off a new season of my videos, just in time for a new TV season.

In this episode, I talk a little bit about the shows I’m most looking forward to this fall, both new and old.

What are you guys looking forward to this TV season?

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Pilot Review – Gotham

24 Sep


Fall TV season is here at last, and along with it my attempts to write more frequently. I’m hoping to have semi-regular reviews of various shows and other random pieces up here during the season in addition to my weekly wrap-ups and my vlogs. We’ll see how much time I have to actually pull it off.

To start things off, I wanted to write a little bit about Monday’s premiere of Gotham. This was, by far, the most hyped new show of the season – and I felt it delivered pretty solidly on its lofty expectations. The story was set up nicely, the acting was good, and the atmosphere was terrific. It was a little heavy-handed with the Batman references and exposition in spots, but otherwise, it was a very well-done pilot, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the show goes from here.

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What I Watched – September 20

20 Sep
© FX

© FX

Fall TV has begun! These weekly posts should be more interesting (and more frequent) now.

Episode of the Week

You’re The Worst – “Fists and Feet and Stuff”
If you follow me on Twitter, I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me talk about this show (and aren’t surprised to see it pop up again here). This week’s finale was terrific – I only hope FX has the good sense to give the show a second season so we can spend more time with all these wonderful characters.

The finale dropped us in on everyone’s lives post-Gretchen and Jimmy’s breakup via a montage. Gretchen is attempting to live cleanly – we see her juicing and running (and shitting herself while running, likely not part of the plan). Jimmy is trying and failing to write. Lindsay is banging UPS guys, clearly on the verge of a total breakdown. Edgar is living out of his car (but has a job!). In the midst of all of this, Becca and Vernon throw a barbecue, setting the stage for everyone to be in the same place again for the finale.

Once everyone shows up at the party, we get to see the fallout from everything that has happened the last few weeks and the repair (or destruction) of several relationships.

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Fall TV Viewing Schedule

16 Sep

It’s that time of year again…fall TV is starting back up! My fall viewing begins with the season 4 premiere of New Girl tonight.

As has become a tradition, I thought I would share my anticipated viewing schedule for the fall, for the curious. Always subject to change based on quality of pilots and the like, but this should be a pretty good guideline.

italics = shows I DVR
*= new show I’ll check out for a least a few episodes
** = old show that I might check in on here and there but probably will not watch regularly


8PM: Gotham*
9PM: Sleepy Hollow
10PM: Castle
10PMThe Blacklist**


9PM: Agents of SHIELD
9PM: Marry Me*
9:30PM: New Girl


9PM: Red Band Society*
9:30PM: black-ish*


9:30PM: A to Z*
10PM: Parenthood


11PM: Foo Fighters: Sonic Highway (HBO)


8PM: Once Upon A Time**
8:30PM: Brooklyn 99
9PM: The Walking Dead


What will you guys be watching?

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Vlog #19 – Female Friendships in Sitcoms

12 Sep

It’s new vlog Friday!

This week, I talked about a few of my recent favorite sitcoms – Broad City, Playing House, and Garfunkel and Oates – that all just happen to focus primarily on a pair of close female friends. It makes me so happy I could do this as a topic and that there are this many good shows out there now letting funny women do their thing.

Have you been watching any of these shows? What do you think of them? Let me know!

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What I Watched – September 6

6 Sep
© FX

© FX


Short wrap-up this week as there hasn’t been a ton on lately. Just a few more weeks until fall TV starts up and then I’ll have more TV to write about than I know what to do with!

Show of the Week

You’re The Worst
Earlier this summer, FX premiered two new Thursday night comedies – Married and You’re the Worst. Based on the promos, I was on board for Married. You’re the Worst, however, looked like something I would hate, and I barely gave it a second thought.

Consider this my mea culpa.

After seeing a lot of positive chatter around the internet recently, when I had a sick day and lots of time to kill this week, I decided to check the show out. It is TERRIFIC.

First of all, the chemistry between Gretchen (Aya Cash) and Jimmy (Chris Geere) is excellent. They play “really into each other but don’t want to admit it” so, so well. Aya Cash, in particular, is such fun to watch as Gretchen. The small reactions she has to various things Jimmy does as their undefined relationship slowly progresses towards something more committed are perfect.

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