Vlog Season 3 #2 – Gilmore Girls Revival!

23 Oct

New video!

After hearing the news earlier this week that Netflix is apparently bringing back Gilmore Girls, I HAD THOUGHTS, and I decided to film them.

What do you guys think about Gilmore Girls coming back?

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New York Comic Con 2015!

15 Oct Firefly panel. Fillion, Tudyk, Gina Torres, and Jewel Staite, being hilarious and wonderful.

As you may or may not be aware, this past weekend was NEW YORK COMIC CON! This was my 6th year attending the convention and it was, as always, an absolute blast. I saw quite a few TV-related things during the weekend and thought I’d share some thoughts on those panels and screenings.

The Expanse

In case I haven’t made it painfully obvious in my three-ish years of blogging, I love me a good space opera. There’s not enough of them in the world. So when I was presented with the opportunity for a preview screening of Syfy’s latest attempt at the genre, The Expanse, I jumped on it.

The verdict? I really liked it, but couldn’t summarize the plot for you if my life depended on it. I don’t know if it was the echo-y sound in the room causing me to miss dialogue periodically, my own exhaustion after a long first day of NYCC, the pilot really being that confusing, or all of the above, but I felt like I missed an intro somewhere. The show is slick and has exactly the feel I want from a space opera, but I’m hoping it’ll start making a little more sense going forward.

The panel discussion following the screening of The Expanse

The panel discussion after the screening of The Expanse

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Vlog Season 3 #1 – Fox Tuesdays 2015

28 Sep

New video time! Intended to get this up on Friday but my immune system had other ideas. *coughhackwheeze*


For the first video of SEASON THREE (whaaaaaat?!), I gave my thoughts on Fox’s Tuesday lineup this fall – Grandfathered, The Grinder, and Scream Queens. I loved one and hated one. Three guesses which is which!

What did you guys think of Scream Queens, and are you looking forward to the other shows premiering this week? Sound off in the comments!

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21 Sep

Just a quick, fun news update for you today — I have a podcast now! Presenting the first episode of the PEAK TV PODCAST: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/peak-tv-podcast/id1041838071?l=en!

The podcast features myself and two other awesome TV fans who you should follow on Twitter (@Dreyesbo, @leleana). Our goal is to help you figure out what is worth watching and what might be worth skipping now that we’ve reached “peak TV” and it’s physically impossible to watch everything. We spend the first episode introducing ourselves, some of our favorite shows, and talking about the upcoming fall premieres! Give us a listen and please subscribe!

Speaking of fall premieres, with fall TV kicking into high gear tonight I hope to get back into the swing of things around here in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


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Fall 2015 Viewing Schedule

15 Sep

The summer has flown by and somehow we’ve hit fall TV time already! My fall viewing kicks off with the premiere of Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris tonight.

In keeping with tradition, I’m going to share my anticipated viewing schedule for the fall, in case people are curious. Always subject to change based on quality of pilots and the like, but this should be a pretty good guideline.

italics = shows I DVR
*= new show I’ll check out for a least a few episodes
** = old show that is on a very short leash to prove itself before I bail


8PM: Supergirl*
10PM: Castle
10PM: Fargo

Tuesdays (aka DVR-POCALYPSE)

8PMBest Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris*
8PMThe Muppets*
8PM: The Flash
8:30PMThe Grinder*
9PM: Agents of SHIELD
9PM: iZombie


10:30PM: You’re the Worst


8PM: Heroes Reborn*
9PM: Sleepy Hollow**
10PM: Review


7:30PM: Bob’s Burgers
8:30PM: Brooklyn 99
9PM: Fear the Walking Dead/The Walking Dead
9PM: The Leftovers

What will you guys be watching?

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Vlog Season 2 #15 – You’re the Worst

4 Sep

I’m back!

I know it’s been a while – I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my summer and as such, not watching as much TV (or at least nothing worth writing/vlogging about). But with the fall TV season right around the corner, you should be seeing much more from me over the next couple of months!

This week’s vlog is all about the amazing You’re the WorstI wrote a lot about this show last year after falling completely in love with it late in its first season. With season two premiering next week (Wednesday 9/9 at 10:30 on FXX!), I wanted to talk a bit about what is so great about the show and why you should check it out!

Are you guys You’re the Worst fans? Looking forward to season two next week? Let me know in the comments!

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Vlog #14 – 2015 Emmy Nominations

17 Jul

I’m back! I’ve been traveling a bit and enjoying my summer and thoroughly neglecting my little corner of the internet. But today I triumphantly return with my ridiculous ramblings about yesterday’s Emmy nominations!

What did you guys think of the nominations?

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Vlog Season 2 #13 – Summer TV 2015

12 Jun

Time for another new video!

This week, I talked a bunch about all of the amazing shows that are coming up this summer that I’m excited to see. I left out one big one because I’m a dope, but more on that after the jump!

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Vlog Season 2 #12 – The Awesomeness of Comedy Central

29 May

It’s FINALLY time for a new vlog!

This week, I rambled for a while about all the amazing shows airing on Comedy Central that you guys should be watching. The network has been on roll the last few years with its original series and I couldn’t be happier.

I wound up cutting a segment where I talked about @midnight, which I watch on an almost nightly basis, because the video got too long, but consider that on the list too! I think Chris Hardwick does an amazing job hosting, they get so many amazing guests, and even after two years they’re still coming up with very entertaining games to play every night.



What are your favorite Comedy Central shows?

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What I Watched – May 23

23 May


In this week’s edition of the weekly wrap-up: SEASON FINALE-PALOOZA!


Episode of the Week

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “Johnny and Dora”
What am I going to do without the Nine-Nine in my life for the next several months, you guys? This finale was about as perfect an episode of this show as they’ve ever done, and it’s just going to make the upcoming hiatus seem EVEN LONGER.

The main story this week revolved around the long-simmering romance between Jake and Amy. I have been a huge fan of how the show has handled the pairing – never letting it take over focus on the show, but still having a bit of fun with the will they/won’t they of it all. I was thrilled to see them finally take a step forward in the finale, though, particularly because it was just so much fun.

Amy and Jake found themselves out on assignment trying to track our bad guy for the week, and had to pose as a newlywed couple. This is not fresh territory, by any means (we saw Castle pull a similar move with Kate and Rick before they finally got together), but it worked SO well here. Jake was already so uncomfortable after admitting to Amy that he liked her again that being thrown into what was basically a date made him extra-twitchy. And any time Amy is nervous, she is hilarious – I particularly loved her exclamation of “SUCH A NORMAL TIME!” after she and Jake got back in the van with Rosa and Boyle after kissing to keep up their cover.

After two “totally professional” kisses (and some awfully sincere declarations of feelings at dinner, also to maintain their cover), the actual kiss at the end of the episode seemed all but inevitable, but still made me squeal in excitement. I loved that they got interrupted and didn’t really get to talk about it – it’s the perfect sort of thing to leave unresolved in a season finale, and I can’t wait to see where they’re at when we come back to the show in the fall.

Even beyond Jake and Amy, there was a ton of great stuff happening in this episode. Rosa and Boyle had a terrific storyline involving Rosa’s birthday (which she hates, because of course she does). Throughout the entire episode, Rosa was annoyed with Boyle, under the assumption he was bringing her to a surprise party at the end of the night. Meanwhile, Boyle kept proving just how well he knew Rosa – like her love of Gilmore Girls (Stephanie Beatriz’ frustrated delivery of “I just want Lorelai to be happy!” may be my favorite thing that Rosa’s ever done), among other things. So when the two of them showed up to her “surprise party” – an empty bar Marcus had rented out for just the two of them for the night, at Boyle’s suggestion. It was a very sweet moment and a great bit of development for that relationship as it moves even further away from Boyle’s crush on Rosa earlier in the show’s run.

Back at the precinct during all of this, Holt (with the help of Gina and Terry), was trying to prevent being reassigned to a job at 1PP by his nemesis Madeline Wuntch. If there’s anything to take away from this story, it’s that Terry and Gina should ALWAYS work together. Terry snuck an entire file cabinet past a clueless desk clerk while Gina distracted the guy with questions about bird-watching. It doesn’t get much more entertaining than that.

Of course, their efforts ultimately failed, and Holt was forced to fall on his sword for the good of the Nine-Nine. Wuntch threatened to send every cop in the unit to scattered places around New York City unless Holt accepted the promotion, so of course he did. With very little fanfare, he took his leave of the precinct. We got to see him get as close to emotional as he’s been in two seasons on the show (and it made everyone uncomfortable: “GO BACK TO BEING ROBOT CAPTAIN!”), and it was a perfect moment to lead into Jake and Amy’s first kiss.

Who will the new captain be? How will Holt and Gina find their way back to the Nine-Nine (you know it’s going to happen? What’s going to happen with Jake and Amy? Lots to find out in season 3, and I can’t wait!

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