Emmy Live-ish Blog 2014

24 Aug

As promised, here’s a running log of my thoughts and reactions while watching the 2014 Emmys (on tape delay, so I may or may not have known the outcome of some things already).

9:54 PM: Two hours late, but here we go. Seth Meyers giving a very Seth Meyers-y opening monologue.

10:04 PM: Amy Poehler (introduced by Meyers as Beyoncé) looks incredible, as always.

10:05 PM: Best Supporting Actor goes to Ty Burrell. ANDRE BRAUGHER WAS ROBBED.

10:09 PM: Best Writing in a Comedy goes to Louis CK for ‘And So Did The Fat Lady’, which is WELL DESERVED. He immediately thanks Sarah Baker which is awesome.

10:13 PM: Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy goes to Allison Janney, who pulls off the rare double-Emmy year. I was really pulling for Kate Mulgrew.

10:15 PM: I am 0 for 2 so far.

10:17 PM: Uzo Aduba looks amazing. I adore her.

10:18 PM: Best Directing in a Comedy goes to Gail Mancuso because apparently the voters decided to go back to checking off Modern Family for everything again this year.


10:23 PM: Billy Eichner is the greatest.

10:24 PM: What is that mustache, Cranston?!

10:25 PM: Best Actor in a Comedy goes to Jim Parsons. I finally got one right!

10:29 PM: Best Actress in a Comedy goes to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who promptly makes out with Bryan Cranston (continuing a bit from when they presented together a few minutes ago). I have sadness for Amy Poehler.

10:32 PM: Best Reality Competition Program goes to The Amazing Race. Masterchef Junior totally should have won this.

10:36 PM: Fun little audience Q&A bit with Jon Hamm, Melissa McCarthy, Andre Braugher, Josh Charles, Julianna Margulies, Fred Armisen, and Carrie Brownstein.

10:38 PM: Best Writing in a Miniseries/Movie goes to Steven Moffat for Sherlock (‘His Last Vow’), which….alright then. That wasn’t even the best episode this season.

10:40 PM: Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries/Movie goes to Kathy Bates, so I quit the miniseries categories. I could have handled Alison Tolman losing to Julia Roberts, but this makes me cranky.

10:43 PM: Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries/Movie goes to Martin Freeman. I don’t…what?! Matt Bomer was robbed, he was so incredible in The Normal Heart.

10:46 PM: Best Directing in a Miniseries/Movie goes to Colin Bucksey for Fargo’s ‘Buriden’s Ass’ – so something sane finally happened in miniseries-land.

10:53 PM: Best Lead Actor in a Miniseries/Movie goes to Benedict Cumberbatch and I continue to be baffled. Any of Ruffalo, Freeman, or Thornton would have been a-ok by me.

10:56 PM: Best Lead Actress in a Miniseries/Movie goes to Jessica Lange. Hey, I guessed that one right entirely by accident!

10:59 PM: Weird Al does lyrics for various theme songs (Mad Men, Homeland, Scandal, etc.) and is generally awesome like he always is. Love the idea for this bit.

11:02 PM: Best Miniseries goes to Fargo, so I don’t have to riot.

11:06 PM: Best TV Movie goes to The Normal Heart. See previous statement about lack of rioting.

11:10 PM: Best Writing for a Variety Special goes to Sarah Silverman for her HBO special, which I really need to get around to watching. Loved her ‘what the hell just happened’ reaction as she walked off stage.

11:16 PM: Best Directing in a Variety Special goes to Glenn Weiss for the 2013 Tony Awards. Neil Patrick Harris’ opening number in that show was bonkers good, so, works for me.

11:18 PM: Does Gwen Stefani age? I’m not sure she does.

11:19 PM: Best Variety Series goes to The Colbert Report. Stefani botches the name so Jimmy Fallon comes up and says he wants to see the envelope, and winds up giving most of Stephen’s speech for him. Including dropping a ‘bullshit’ and then immediately running away haha. Fun!

11:23 PM: Heading into the drama categories. HOME STRETCH. Best Supporting Actor in a Drama goes to Aaron Paul. I love when he bro-hugs Bryan Cranston. Sweet speech, too. He’s awesome.

11:28 PM: Sara Bareilles accompanies the In Memoriam segment with a very pretty number.

11:32 PM: The main In Memoriam is followed up by a really wonderful tribute to Robin Williams from Billy Crystal. Not gonna lie, got a little teary.

11:36 PM: Best Director in a Drama goes to Cary Joji Fukunaga for True Detective’s ‘Who Goes There’. I’m tired and have no comment.

11:40 PM: Best Supporting Actress in a Drama goes to Anna Gunn, because DUH. Did you watch ‘Ozymandias’? Amazing.

11:44 PM: Best Writing in a Drama goes to Moira Walley-Beckett for Breaking Bad’s ‘Ozymandias’, and I literally just cheered out loud in my apartment. That episode deserves ALL THE AWARDS.

11:47 PM: Best Actress in a Drama goes to Julianna Margulies. I have never seen The Good Wife so I have zero reaction to this.

11:50 PM: Best Actor in a Drama goes to Bryan Cranston, and I am SUPER PLEASED. No offense to McConaughey, but I desperately wanted Cranston to win. Aaron Paul may have been even more excited than Cranston was. They have the best bromance.

11:55 PM: I give Cranston’s Emmy speech an A+.

11:56 PM: Best Comedy Series goes to Modern Family and I want to punch things. I am so sad Orange is the New Black got shut out (other than Uzo Aduba).

11:57 PM: Best Drama Series goes to Breaking Bad, which had itself quite a night. I am pleased. Vince Gilligan always gives such great acceptance speech, too.

Final count from my predictions: I went 6 for 15. I’m not great at this.

How’d you do with your predictions, and what’d you think of the ceremony?

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