What I Watched – September 20

20 Sep
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Fall TV has begun! These weekly posts should be more interesting (and more frequent) now.

Episode of the Week

You’re The Worst – “Fists and Feet and Stuff”
If you follow me on Twitter, I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me talk about this show (and aren’t surprised to see it pop up again here). This week’s finale was terrific – I only hope FX has the good sense to give the show a second season so we can spend more time with all these wonderful characters.

The finale dropped us in on everyone’s lives post-Gretchen and Jimmy’s breakup via a montage. Gretchen is attempting to live cleanly – we see her juicing and running (and shitting herself while running, likely not part of the plan). Jimmy is trying and failing to write. Lindsay is banging UPS guys, clearly on the verge of a total breakdown. Edgar is living out of his car (but has a job!). In the midst of all of this, Becca and Vernon throw a barbecue, setting the stage for everyone to be in the same place again for the finale.

Once everyone shows up at the party, we get to see the fallout from everything that has happened the last few weeks and the repair (or destruction) of several relationships.

I know this show is, theoretically, focused on Gretchen and Jimmy’s relationship, but I my two favorite moments in the finale were focused on each of them fixing their friendships. After spotting Lindsay trying to kiss Jimmy (seriously, she was not in good shape in this episode), Gretchen understandably freaks. They get into an argument – backed hilariously by one of those singing bass fish things – over how each of them has acted lately and some of their more questionable life choices, but ultimately make up. They decide maybe “trying” is the “punk rock” thing to do, and then have my favorite exchange of the episode:

Gretchen: “I think we may be growing up.”
Lindsay: “I know, isn’t it awful?”


Meanwhile, Edgar has hired an actor to play his new, also British roommate. Jimmy being Jimmy of course immediately sniffs out the lie and is his usual snarky self about it. But when he finds out Edgar is living in his car, Jimmy invites him to move back in right away – and the two fall right back into a comfortable place. And if you weren’t sure from that exchange that the two were okay again, when Edgar jumps in to help Jimmy fight Vernon later in the episode, there’s a definite “I’ve got you, bro” head nod exchanged. It’s excellent.

I loved how utterly nuclear the end of the party went – Becca announces she’s pregnant, Lindsay can’t handle it and tries to one up her – only to have Paul announce he’s having an “emotional affair” and wants to “consciously uncouple” (because of course). Vernon finds out Becca tried to sleep with Jimmy and they fight. Everyone is left questioning various aspects of their relationships in some way – and that’s especially true for Gretchen and Jimmy.

After attempting to accept a proposal that never existed, Gretchen is so mortified (“I shit myself earlier and that is only the second most embarrassing thing that’s happened to me today!”) she won’t even discuss things with Jimmy. He shows up at her place later and invites her to move in, claiming he’d been planning it even before the proposal awkwardness (we see later this was not true). Gretchen says not yet, and both of them seem content to attempt to try again and see what happens.

And then Gretchen’s vibrator burns her apartment down and they end up moving in together anyway.

The looks on both of their faces at the end of the episode said everything – this is an enormous step and neither of them is sure about it. And I need a season two to find out how things work out! Not just for them, but for everyone else, too.

All in all, an awesome finale for a show I’ve quickly fallen in love with and will miss watching every week.


Moment of the Week

New Girl – “The Last Wedding”
I really enjoyed the season 4 premiere of New Girl and am hopeful the show is going to bounce back this year. My favorite part of the episode was Jess’ description of the roommates as a “sex fist” – and once everyone but her had struck out at the wedding, the change to “sex finger”. This was by far the thing that made me laugh hardest this week.

Jess: “1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of us together make a fist.”
Nick: “You’re making a mistake right now.”
Jess: “Schmidt, Nick, Coach, Winston, Jess. Sex fist. When you put them all together. Tearing our way through the reception.”

This upcoming week features the series premiere of Gotham and the season premiere of Sleepy Hollow, Agents of SHIELD, and Parenthood. SO EXCITED!


What have you guys been enjoying lately?


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