What I Watched – October 18

18 Oct


I’m finally recovered from an AMAZING New York Comic Con weekend last week, and I’m getting caught up on all the TV I missed!

Episode of the Week

The Walking Dead – “No Sanctuary”
I have such a love-hate relationship with The Walking Dead. It is so often a few infuriating choices away from being a really good show it makes me crazy. But then it occasionally throws out an episode like this week’s season five premiere (premieres have always been a strong point for the series), or last season’s stunning “The Grove”, and I remember why I stick around through the frustrating episodes.

“No Sanctuary” was a great hour of TV. The show jumped right back in where we left off last season, with the bulk of the group locked up in the boxcar in Terminus. The episode wasted no time getting to the action, beginning with an excruciating sequence that saw Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Bob, and several people from another group tied up and lined up over a trough. The non-main characters were then knocked out with a baseball bat and had their throats slit one by one, in almost assembly line fashion. Gruesome stuff.

Meanwhile, Carol and Tyreese are slowly heading towards Terminus with Lil’ Ass-kicker baby Judith in tow. Tyreese is still visibly shaken from the Lizzie incident, unable to even bring himself to kill walkers. While they’re out walking, they stumble upon a guy from Terminus and overhear him talking about “the chick with the sword and the kid with the hat”. Carol immediately snaps into action mode.

I’ve written here before about my absolute love for Carol, and I’ll be talking about it again in my next video (Spoiler alert!), so I won’t get into it too much, but needless to say – watching her save the day in this episode was IMMENSELY satisfying. I love that this woman has become perhaps the strongest, savviest person in the group, able to immediately sense that something is wrong, put a plan in action, and save the people who matter to her.

Once Carol blew the ever-loving crap out of the Terminus compound – letting in a nearby zombie herd – all hell broke loose (in the best way!). The rest of the gang spent their time in the boxcar fashioning makeshift weapons out of whatever they can find. Wooden planks, Rosa’s earrings, pieces of pipe – you name it, it was getting sharpened for battle. Good thing, too, since it allowed for some very creative zombie killing as everyone escaped.

It probably got a little lost in the theatrics at Terminus, but I thought what the episode did for Tyreese was really well done. This is a guy we’ve seen struggle with loss and doing what needs to be done at times, but if he’s going to make it he’s going to have to learn to make the tough calls and do things that might fall in a morally gray area. Seeing him snap back into bad-ass mode to save Judith was a great step in that direction.

I’m curious to see where they’re headed this season – we’re starting to get into the chunk of the comics I don’t remember as much. Since they spent the time showing us the (albeit brief) origins of Terminus, will we see Gareth or any of those folks again? And what happens if/when Morgan finds the group (super exciting to see him again, by the way). Great start to the season, looking forward to what comes next!

Honorable Mention: Agents of SHIELD – “I Will Face My Enemy”
This was a very case-of-the-week-y episode, but anything that prominently features a May-on-May fight is a-ok by me. That sequence was an absolute blast (and Coulson’s reaction was perfect – “I can’t believe I’m the only one seeing this!”). I also enjoyed watching Fitz fight through his current post-injury issues to help save the bus – with the team locked inside – from exploding. Just a really fun episode.


Moment of the Week

Sleepy Hollow – “Go Where I Send Thee”
Ichabod learning to drive is my favorite thing.

Honorable Mention: The Walking Dead – “No Sanctuary”
Daryl and Carol’s reunion gave me ALL THE FEELS, you guys.


Annoyance of the Week

Lydia (the insane boss), A to Z
I continue to be rather charmed by A to Z, thanks mostly to the work of Ben Feldman and Christina Milioti. I liked this week’s episode well enough – I appreciate that they’re at least attempting to make Andrew and Zelda’s best friends into real characters that can function on their own as people, instead of just best friend cardboard cutouts – but I continue to be BORED SILLY by anything and everything happening at Wallflower.

Most irritating to me is Andrew’s crazy boss Lydia, who this week got her own B-story all about spying on the employees and being called Big Bird. Everything about the character is cringe-worthy and not even remotely funny. The crazy boss, as a trope, is not something I’ve ever found particularly amusing, and this character especially is very grating. The show would be smart to move away from Wallflower and Lydia as much as possible.



I still have insane DVR backlog from NYCC, so I’ve missed a lot lately. What have you guys been enjoying?


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