Vlog Season 2 #5 – Favorite Christmas Episodes

19 Dec

Time for the last new vlog of 2014!

In keeping with the holiday spirit, I decided to talk about a few of my favorite Christmas episodes! After the video, I wrote about a few more I didn’t have time to include in the video.

  • Community, “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” / “Regional Holiday Music” – Basically, Dan Harmon knows how to write Christmas episodes. Season 2’s “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” was done nearly entirely in stop-motion, to look like the old Rudolph and Frosty Christmas specials. Abed believes all of Greendale exists in this stop-motion land and the gang having to go along with it to help him find the true meaning of Christmas. It’s the perfect quirky approach to a Christmas episode for this show. Season 3’s “Regional Holiday Music” is similarly unique and fun – a musical episode! It’s a wonderful skewering of Glee with a Christmas theme.
  • 30 Rock, “Ludachristmas” – There a few things in this episode that I’ve always loved: Liz Lemon’s family (featuring a perfectly-cast Andy Richter as her brother who is stuck in 1985), another hilarious visit from Coleen Donaghy (the wonderful Elaine Stritch), and the complete ridiculousness of the writer’s Christmas party plans – all while Tracy is wandering around in an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet. Typical 30 Rock silliness done up really well for the holidays.
  • Parks and Recreation, “Citizen Knope” – This was the first episode of Parks and Rec I ever saw (apparently that’s a thing I do with Christmas episodes), and it mainly sticks out to me for the amazing scene at the end of the episode when the entire parks department volunteers to help Leslie run her campaign. It’s a perfect example of the character dynamics on the show at their finest, and it’s a really sweet moment.
  • Chuck, “Chuck vs. Santa Claus” – Shoutout to @Dreyesbo on Twitter for reminding me of this episode, which I COMPLETELY didn’t think of when I was originally making my list. This is another one I love mainly for a specific moment – the scene, set to “Silent Night”, when Chuck sees Sarah kill the Fulcrum agent in the Christmas tree farm – and then she lies to him about it. It ends up being such a big moment for their relationship at that point in the series, and it’s shot so beautifully, that it takes the whole episode (which has a lot of fun stuff happening earlier on during the hostage situation as well) to the next level.

What are your favorite Christmas episodes?

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