Midseason Viewing Schedule

6 Jan

In case people are curious, I thought I would update my viewing schedule from the fall to include the new midseason shows I plan to check out.

italics = shows I DVR
*= new show I’ll check out for a least a few episodes
** = old show that I might check in on here and there but probably will not watch regularly


8PM: Gotham
9PM: Sleepy Hollow
10PM: Castle
10PM: Better Call Saul*


8PM: Parks and Recreation
8PMThe Flash
9PM: Agent Carter*/Agents of SHIELD
9PM: New Girl
9PM: Marry Me


10PM: Broad City


9PM: Backstrom*
10PM: Parenthood


8PM: Galavant*/Once Upon A Time**
8:30PM: Brooklyn 99
9PM: The Walking Dead


What will you guys be watching?

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