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14 Feb



Apologies for going MIA last week, I had a completely insane schedule and watched basically nothing. It’s hard to write about things you haven’t seen. On to this week!

Episode of the Week

Agent Carter – “A Sin to Err”
I am completely in love with Agent Carter, you guys. The show has been SO good in its short run so far, and although I’m excited for Agents of SHIELD to come back in March, I will be very sad to see Peggy leave us so soon.

The main event this week was Agent Sousa letting the rest of the SSR in on what he discovered at the end of last week’s episode – that Peggy was the mystery woman from the club and cabin incidents. Most of the second half of the episode focused on Peggy attempting to avoid being arrested. The show did a terrific job with the fight sequence in the diner, in particular – one minute, Peggy and Jarvis are having a polite conversation, the next, she’s taken out multiple SSR agents and Jarvis is looking all kinds of pleased with himself for whacking a guy over the head with a tray.

I appreciated the way the show portrayed Agents Sousa and Thompson’s reactions to Peggy. Thompson clearly gained a lot of respect for Peggy after their adventures in Russia last week, and it was clear he felt betrayed that he’d opened up to her the way he did. We’ve seen over and over again that Sousa is maybe the only person in the SSR office that truly respects her, and Enver Gjokaj did a terrific job conveying the hurt Sousa was feeling. I thought their exchange in the alley behind the diner – in which he threatened to shoot her, but didn’t, and she left him there standing (after knocking out every other agent) – said volumes about their relationship.

Peggy’s neighbor Angie (the lovely Lyndsay Fonseca) finally got her moment to shine in this episode as well, and it was wonderful. I loved that she didn’t hesitate for a second to cover for Peggy after finding her outside on the window ledge – she just went in to full protect-a-friend mode. It was also very indicative of the time period that all Angie had to do was cry to scare the cops away without any further questions. 

While all of this was going on, we were also treated to some further insight into the daily life of Dottie. As it turned out (after a nice fake-out involving a sniper rifle), the doctor Peggy and the SSR brought back from Russia was working with Dottie – and gave her explicit instructions to eliminate Peggy. In the meantime, he wandered freely around the SSR office (because apparently no one thought to make sure the old man who was locked up in Leviathan prison wasn’t a spy) and hypnotize people into stealing things and walking in front of buses.

Once she got her orders, Dottie thoroughly messed up Peggy’s escape plans, sneaking up on her in the halls of The Griffith and planting a kiss on her – while wearing the same lipstick Peggy used on the nightclub owner in the pilot. Thankfully for Peggy, Sousa and Thompson were still nearby and found them, or she would be much worse off than just arrested. The look on Peggy’s face as she was fighting to regain consciousness and realizing what Dottie was – a mix of confusion, fear, anger – said it all.

The episode ended with Peggy face-to-face with Sousa at the interrogation table. I can’t WAIT to see what happens next. There are only two episodes left in the season (hopefully not series!) and the show has set itself up for a really terrific ending.


Honorable Mention: The Walking Dead – “What Happened and What’s Going On”
It’s always tough to lose a major character on this show, and I was very sad to see Tyreese go this week. I really loved the way the episode was written and shot, though – it was a very different episode for this show. The cold open with all the little moments from the upcoming episode, out of context, felt like something Breaking Bad would have done. It was also nice to get cameos from a bunch of now-deceased characters in Beth, Mika and Lizzie, Bob, and even the Governor (as much as that character got overused, David Morrissey is terrific in the part). A fine farewell for a great character, and an interesting way to kick off the back half of the season.


Moment of the Week

Broad City – “Hashtag FOMO”
Abbi as Val is my new favorite thing.


Honorable Mention: Parks and Recreation – “Pie-Mary”
Leslie preemptively answering the dumb questions she knows will be coming from the media in Pawnee is the billionth reason to love her.


Character of the Week

Dr. Leslie Thompkins – Gotham
I’ve talked in the past about some of my issues with Gotham, and chief among them in the early parts of season one was Barbara Kean. Needless to say, I’ve been thrilled to see her MIA for the past few weeks – and even more thrilled with the introduction of Morena Baccarin as Dr. Leslie Thompkins. She’s charming, serves the story beyond just being “the woman Jim goes home to every night”, and has terrific chemistry with Jim. I loved the scene this week where she teased him for not being willing to kiss her in front of the other cops at the GCPD. Adding that bit of playfulness is something the show desperately needs and I hope she sticks around for a while.



Make sure to also check out my review of the Better Call Saul premiere, which I absolutely loved, from earlier this week! What did you guys enjoy this week?

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