What I Watched – March 28

28 Mar


It’s been a while! If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’ve been having some health issues that have kept me from updating and vlog-making. I still haven’t gotten any answers, but I have started feeling better, so I should be back to something vaguely resembling a regular schedule (as regular as it ever is, since I am the worst) going forward!


Episode of the Week

Better Call Saul – “RICO”
Another week, another amazing episode of Better Call Saul. Vince Gilligan and friends are just killing it right now, you guys.

One of the things the show is doing really well that I think is a terrific storytelling device is the little pre-credits flashbacks every week. They are telling so much story in so little time, and this week’s was no different. Before he was a lawyer, Jimmy worked in the mailroom at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill – and he went to school at night, without anybody (besides Kim) knowing about it to get his law degree. Once he passed the bar, he went to Chuck to ask if he could join the practice. Chuck deferred to Howard, who turned Jimmy down in a terrifically filmed, dialogue free sequence where the only sound was a copy machine. This small bit of information added so many layers to our ongoing story – it certainly explained even further why Jimmy hates Howard so much, and gives us a sense of how hard Jimmy has worked to get, up to this point, basically nowhere in the law field.

That made it all the more satisfying to see Jimmy hit on an actual case this week. We’ve seen him succeeding with elder law the past few weeks – wandering from nursing home to nursing home to help people with wills and the like. This week, he realized one of his clients was getting way overcharged, did some digging (literally, in a dumpster, which was one of the more entertaining sequences of the episode), and landed on a pretty big fraud case.

To make things even better, Jimmy brought Chuck in on things and we got to see the two brothers working together on the case. For most of the show so far, Chuck has been relegated to the outskirts, hiding at home while Jimmy pops in and out to bring him supplies and what not. We’ve been told he used to be a terrific lawyer, but have never really seen him in action. Once he realized what Jimmy had stumbled into this week, it was like the old Chuck finally woke up. He was digging through paperwork, spitting out case names to investigate, and bantering with Jimmy – it was really fun to watch.

And then, to end the episode, Chuck wandered outside without even thinking about it to get supplies from Jimmy’s car. No space blanket, no shakes and pain – just walked right out the front door, grabbed the keys out of the mailbox, and started shuffling through Jimmy’s trunk. It wasn’t until Jimmy walked outside to see what was going on that Chuck realized, looked shocked, and dropped everything. It will be fascinating to see what his response is next week. Did working the case with Jimmy snap him out of whatever mental issue he’d been having long enough to shake the worst of his electromagnetism fears? Or will that brief lapse cause everything to get worse all over again?

While all of this was going on, there was also a fairly significant, if brief, development in the life of Mike Ehrmantraut. After babysitting for Kaylee and finding out about his daughter-in-law’s money issues, we see him visit the vet from a few weeks back (the one that patched the gun shot wound in his shoulder) – and offer his services. This is an enormous step towards the Mike we know from Breaking Bad.

Only two more episodes to go this season – can’t wait to see where the show is headed before the finale!

Moment of the Week

The Walking Dead – “Try”
Michonne knocking Rick out to shut up his craziness (and probably save the group from getting tossed to the walkers piling up on the wall) was immensely satisfying. He’s got good reason to be paranoid, but he’s also been completely over-the-top crazy the past few weeks and totally deserved a good smack.

Honorable Mention: Agents of SHIELD – “Love in the Time of Hydra”
This has very little to do with the episode itself and everything to do with me being a giant nerd, but it was pretty cool watching Admiral Adama (Edward James Olmos) lead the “other” SHIELD, which also happened to feature Charlie from Fringe (Kirk Acevedo). SCI-FI WORLDS COLLIDE.

Letdown of the Week

The Last Man on Earth – “Dunk the Skunk/Some Friggin Fat Guy”
I’d been thoroughly enjoying The Last Man on Earth up until this week’s double episode. I’m hopeful this particular outing was just an outlier and the show will continue to be the unique and entertaining comedy it’s been for the rest of its run, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I thought the introduction of Melissa (played wonderfully by January Jones) was a really fun idea. It added a different dynamic to the group, and of course Phil was going to end up regretting marrying Carol. I have no issues with that. He and Carol have very little in common, and the show has not shied away from the fact that Phil is kind of an ass anyway. However, spending two entire episodes focused on Phil trying to find a way to sleep with Melissa was just a bit much. He came across as an enormous dick through the entirety of the two episodes – which may have been the point – but it went far enough that it wasn’t fun to watch. Todd, the latest survivor to stumble upon the gang in Tucson, was nothing but nice, and Phil went out of his way to insult and undermine him. It was cringeworthy.

I did think the last couple of scenes – where Phil basically admitted to Melissa that he was being an ass, and showed her his collection of ball friends that he talked to when he was alone – were great. I’m hoping that puts the entire thing to rest and the show can just move in another direction going forward.

Song of the Week

The cast of The Flash singing “The Ballad of Serenity”
Long story short, Jesse L. Martin is Kickstarting a short film, Joss Whedon backed it, and to say thanks, Martin, Rick Cosnett, and Carlos Valdes recorded this GORGEOUS version of the theme from Firefly. It is the greatest thing ever.


What was your favorite thing on TV this week?


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