Vlog Season 2 #11 – Daredevil

17 Apr

My latest video is live!

This week is all about Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil, which I LOVED. Some additional thoughts after the video!


I realized after filming I completely forgot to talk about Ben Urich and his role in the story. Vondie Curtis-Hall is TERRIFIC in the part, and I absolutely loved watching him and Karen work on their investigation (complete with Carrie Matheson crazy board). Their relationship was really wonderful – her kind of stoking the investigative fire in him, him making sure she didn’t do anything stupid. It added another really great layer to the not-Matt parts of the story, and his death at the end of the season (SADNESS) was an excellent rallying point for the team – which was not in terrific shape at that time.

I also cut out (because the video was getting too long) some thoughts on how things continue from here. We know how methodical Marvel has tended to be about their “cinematic universe”, and the idea with the Netflix series was to release this, AKA Jessica Jones, the Luke Cage and Iron Fist series, and then roll them all together for a Defenders miniseries. My question is: where do second seasons factor in? Daredevil obviously leaves itself open for much more storytelling (as I said in the footage I cut, I would sign up in a heartbeat for more of Matt kicking ass and more Nelson and Murdock, Avocados at Law ;), but is there a specific plan in place that means Matt pops up in the other series a couple of times first, so season two would be on hold for a few years? I have no idea. I’m curious to find out.


What did you guys think of the show?

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