Fall 2015 Viewing Schedule

15 Sep

The summer has flown by and somehow we’ve hit fall TV time already! My fall viewing kicks off with the premiere of Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris tonight.

In keeping with tradition, I’m going to share my anticipated viewing schedule for the fall, in case people are curious. Always subject to change based on quality of pilots and the like, but this should be a pretty good guideline.

italics = shows I DVR
*= new show I’ll check out for a least a few episodes
** = old show that is on a very short leash to prove itself before I bail


8PM: Supergirl*
10PM: Castle
10PM: Fargo

Tuesdays (aka DVR-POCALYPSE)

8PMBest Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris*
8PMThe Muppets*
8PM: The Flash
8:30PMThe Grinder*
9PM: Agents of SHIELD
9PM: iZombie


10:30PM: You’re the Worst


8PM: Heroes Reborn*
9PM: Sleepy Hollow**
10PM: Review


7:30PM: Bob’s Burgers
8:30PM: Brooklyn 99
9PM: Fear the Walking Dead/The Walking Dead
9PM: The Leftovers

What will you guys be watching?

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