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21 Sep

Just a quick, fun news update for you today — I have a podcast now! Presenting the first episode of the PEAK TV PODCAST:!

The podcast features myself and two other awesome TV fans who you should follow on Twitter (@Dreyesbo, @leleana). Our goal is to help you figure out what is worth watching and what might be worth skipping now that we’ve reached “peak TV” and it’s physically impossible to watch everything. We spend the first episode introducing ourselves, some of our favorite shows, and talking about the upcoming fall premieres! Give us a listen and please subscribe!

Speaking of fall premieres, with fall TV kicking into high gear tonight I hope to get back into the swing of things around here in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


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Three Year Anniversary!

5 Jan

Today marks a bit of a milestone for this blog – my very first post went live three years ago today! It’s crazy to me I’ve been at it for that long. What started on a bit of a whim just to have an outlet for my insane fandom ramblings turned into a project I truly love maintaining – and along the way I’ve added vlogging to the party, too!

The past two years around this time, I’d planned to make a post like this, announcing the blog-iversary and some of the new, fun changes ahead for the coming year. Life has had other ideas the past few Januarys, though – first my father’s heart attack in 2013, and then my big breakup last year.

But this year, things are great and I’m looking forward to making this site even better over the coming months. I plan on FINALLY completing a much-needed site redesign (which I’ve wanted to do for ages). I want to add some more regular features in addition to my weekly wrap-ups – perhaps running commentary on my Netflix binges (shamelessly stealing that idea from Previously.TV because I love it so much), more regular reviews, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I also want to try to change things up a bit with the vlog – more videos, some different kinds of videos, I’m not quite sure yet – but I have a couple of ideas I’m thinking about trying.

I, of course, would also LOVE any ideas from you guys – what would you like to read/watch? I always want to hear your suggestions for topics!

In any case: thanks for reading/watching/Twittering with me the past few years, and I look forward to enjoying more awesome TV with you in 2015!

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Exciting News!

3 Sep

If you happened to wander through this blog, my Twitter page, or my YouTube channel over the past few days, you may have noticed a new logo and some other aesthetic changes on my profiles. This was in preparation for something awesome that happened yesterday: the launch of a brand new YouTube channel I am a part of, The Daily Elixir!

Earlier this summer I entered a vlog in Geek and Sundry’s big vlogger search. As you may have figured out by now, I was not selected. However, in the weeks after the first round ended, some of the awesome folks I met during the process reached out to me about starting our own channel with a bunch of the people who hadn’t made it through to G&S, so we could continue to create our content, support each other, and go forth and screw up together. I thought that was a great idea. I was planning to continue my vlog anyway, but what a great chance to work with a bunch of other cool geeks and build an audience together.

So, starting next Friday, September 13, I will have a bi-weekly TV vlog running on the channel, and I am SO excited about it! In the meantime, a bunch of other awesome people have shows launching over the next few days, so you should check out the channel and subscribe.

I will most certainly post again when my first video goes live, but I wanted to hype up the channel a bit now too. 🙂

I’ll have some end-of-summer/fall preview type stuff coming over the next week or so. YAY, new TV is just around the corner!

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CW Fall Lineup 2012

17 May

Last day of upfronts! The CW’s fall schedule is below.

8PM: 90210
9PM: Gossip Girl (The Carrie Diaries* starting in January)

8PM: Hart of Dixie
9PM: Emily Owens, M.D.*

8PM: Arrow*
9PM: Supernatural

8PM: The Vampire Diaries
9PM: Beauty and the Beast*

8PM: America’s Next Top Model
9PM: Nikita


Obviously the thing that stands out is that EVERYTHING MOVED. The only returning show staying in its timeslot from this year is The Vampire Diaries. Supernatural moves out of the Friday graveyard to Wednesday nights to be paired with new comic book drama Arrow. Nikita is moved to the 9PM hour on Friday, which makes me think this will likely be its last year (particularly since they stuck it there with ANTM as a lead-in – oof).

I’m not a big CW watcher – I sampled Ringer for a few weeks this year, found it unable to hold my interest, and gave up after 3 episodes. I love Sarah Michelle Gellar, and I hope she comes back to TV in a more high-quality show soon. Anyways, I don’t think I’ll be spending much time with the CW next season, either. Emily Owens, M.D. (formerly First Cut) looks exactly like I expected from the description. I’ve seen that done, and done better, by others in the past. The concept of Beauty and the Beast just doesn’t appeal to me, although it looked more interesting with the context of the clip than I thought it would. I might check out Arrow – I’m always willing to give a comic book show/movie a shot, because if done well they can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, they are rarely done well. We’ll see, though.

I have to say, I’m sort of surprised The Secret Circle was cancelled. I only watched the pilot, which I actually really enjoyed, but I never found the time to get caught up. I was under the impression the show was doing very well by CW standards, and it sounded like creatively it got better as the season went along. I didn’t expect Ringer back on the schedule this year, but figured TSC would be taking the place of an older show. Kind of a shame.

That’s it for upfronts week. Now we just have to sit and wait for all of these fun-looking new shows to arrive in the fall!

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CBS Fall Lineup 2012

16 May

You know the drill by now, people. CBS schedule below!

8PM: How I Met Your Mother
8:30PM: Partners*
9PM: 2 Broke Girls
9:30PM: Mike & Molly
10PM: Hawaii Five-0

10PM: Vegas*

8PM: Survivor
9PM: Criminal Minds

8PM: The Big Bang Theory
8:30PM: Two and a Half Men
9PM: Person of Interest
10PM: Elementary*

9PM: Made In Jersey*
10PM: Blue Bloods

8PM: The Amazing Race
9PM: The Good Wife
10PM: The Mentalist


The biggest news here is probably Two and a Half Men‘s move from Mondays to Thursdays. New comedy Partners slots in after HIMYM to round out the Monday comedy block in it’s place. That 8PM block is going to be scary for the other networks – and I’m a little worried for Last Resort now, launching against that competition.

As far as the new shows, can’t say I’m too interested in Partners – it doesn’t look terrible, just not my cup of tea. Vegas looks like it could be really great based on cast alone – Dennis Quaid, Carrie Anne Moss, Jason O’Mara, and Michael Chiklis are no joke. I think the concept is kind of fascinating as well, but any time you’re dealing with a period piece things can get hairy pretty quickly. Certainly will be worth checking out though! The other two new dramas were less intriguing. Elementary looks okay, but after all the buzz surrounding PBS’ Sherlock (which I haven’t seen yet – it’s in my Netflix queue though), the timing seems a little weird to me. I do love that they made Watson a female, though, and Lucy Liu looks like she’ll be great in that part. Made in Jersey…well, let’s just say I’m from Jersey, and that premise does nothing for me.

I’m not a big CBS-watcher in general – I think the only CBS show I watched regularly this year was How I Met Your Mother, and I’ll tune in occasionally for Hawaii 5-0 – so I have way less to say about this particular schedule. On to the CW tomorrow!

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ABC Fall 2012 Lineup

15 May

ABC released their fall schedule today – check it out below (new shows marked with an asterisk and linked to trailers)!

8PM: Dancing With the Stars (The Bachelor in January)
10PM: Castle

8PM: DWTS Results
9PM: Happy Endings
9:30PM: Don’t Trust the B—– In Apartment 23
10PM: Private Practice

8PM: How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest of Your Life)*
8:30PM: The Family Tools*

8PM: The Middle
8:30PM: Suburgatory
9PM: Modern Family
9:30PM: The Neighbors*
10PM: Nashville*

8PM: Last Resort*
9PM: Grey’s Anatomy
10PM: Scandal

8PM: Shark Tank
9PM: Primetime: What Would You Do?
10PM: 20/20

In November
8PM: Last Man Standing
8:30PM: Malibu Country*
9PM: Shark Tank
10PM: Primetime: What Would You Do?

8PM: Once Upon a Time
9PM: Revenge
10PM 666 Park Avenue*


Sundays are going to be a busy TV night for me come September/October, as I’ll be tuning in for the entirety of ABC’s lineup. ABC is obviously trying to leverage the Desperate Housewives crowd at 9PM by plugging Revenge there – definitely a similar audience, although I don’t know how much sense Once Upon A Time makes as a lead in. Rounding out the night is the fun-looking 666 Park Avenue – which really has a dynamite cast by the way. I don’t know how well these 3 shows work as a block, but I want to see all of them, so I guess the network must be doing something right.

Not really feeling most of the new comedies. The one exception might be How To Live With Your Parents (despite the awful name), but that may just be because I love Sarah Chalke. The others all looked pretty terrible – I actually turned off the trailers halfway through most of them. It’s a shame The Family Tools looks so painful, because JK Simmons is one of my favorite actors out there. I will say this, though – ABC’s comedy blocks are pretty damn strong, particularly the Tuesday one-two punch of Happy Endings (which I’ve admittedly seen very little of, but I like what I’ve seen) and Don’t Trust the B— in Apt 23. Also looking forward to Suburgatory coming back.

On the drama side, I’m really excited to see Last Resort. I’m not sure whether to be nervous about the Thursdays-at-8 slot, or take it as a sign of faith from the network. A little of both maybe? Either way, the show looks great. Such a stunning cast and Shawn Ryan always makes great things. I really want to like Nashville – mainly because of Connie Britton – but the trailer didn’t really do much for me. Not really sold on Hayden Panettiere’s southern accent, either.

In only vaguely related news, Cougar Town is clearly missing from this list, but the show was picked up by TBS – and while I still have yet to get into the show (it’s on my list!), I’m so thrilled for Bill Lawrence & company. They worked their butts off this year to promote the show, and it’s clearly something they love making. It’s great to see them get a chance to continue the show.

Next up this week – CBS!

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Fox 2012 Fall Lineup

14 May

Fox’s upfront presentation was earlier today! Here’s a look at their fall schedule (new shows marked with an asterisk and linked to trailers):

8PM: Bones
9PM: The Mob Doctor*

Midseason TBD: The Following*

8PM: Raising Hope
8:30PM: Ben and Kate*
9PM: New Girl
9:30PM: The Mindy Project*

Midseason TBD: The Goodwin Games*

8PM: The X Factor
8PM (midseason): American Idol

8PM: The X Factor Results
8PM (midseason): American Idol Results
9PM: Glee

8PM: Touch
9PM: Fringe (13 episode final season)

Midseason TBD: Hell’s Kitchen

8PM: The Simpsons
8:30PM: Bob’s Burgers
9PM: Family Guy
9:30PM: American Dad


Nothing too surprising here schedule-wise, except maybe Glee moving to Thursdays. The move makes sense though, as it allows for a full comedy block on Tuesdays, built around New Girl and some of the new sitcoms.  I hate to say it, but I’m really not impressed by the trailer for Mindy Kaling’s show The Mindy Project. I always loved her on The Office and I really want to love the show, but I didn’t laugh once at that trailer. We’ll see. I did, however, change my tune on The Goodwin Games. As a fan of How I Met Your Mother, I have an idea of what to expect from creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, and I liked what I saw from the promo. I’ve also really enjoyed Becki Newton’s recurring role on HIMYM, so I welcome a chance to see her in more of a leading role. It begs the question, though – if she’s off making another show, is it safe to assume Quinn is not Barney’s mystery bride? Wouldn’t they need her around a lot on the HIMYM next year if she was? Just a thought – the HIMYM finale is tonight, so we’ll know soon enough.

As for the dramas, obviously Fringe stays put Fridays at 9 to ride out its final 13 episodes. I thought the finale was great, and I love the fact that it set up for us to maybe make another visit to 2036 before the end of the show. Fingers crossed the end of the series is amazing. I think Touch may be the best show Fringe has been paired with in its entire run, but for fans of Touch the move to Fridays has to be a little worrying.

Both of Fox’s new dramas look great – but I’m especially excited for The Following now that I’ve seen the trailer. It’s a shame we have to wait until midseason! The acting looks top notch (although I would expect that from Kevin Bacon), and I just love the premise. So excited. As far as the other new drama, The Mob Doctor, I actually thought the idea behind it was a little weird when I first read it, but the trailer has me interested in checking the series out come fall. It seems a lot more interesting now that there’s a trailer to put things in perspective. Plus: Zach Gilford (although he was barely in the promo)!

Sadly missing from Fox’s schedule is The Finder, which was axed (along with Alcatraz). I had not gone into this season planning on watching the show, as the backdoor pilot that aired during Bones last season didn’t impress me. I wound up catching the first actual episode of the show, though – which was alright. But when I saw that episode two was a Bones crossover featuring Sweets (the completely lovable John Francis Daley), I decided to give the show another go – and that episode really blew me away. I got hooked from then on, and was surprised by how disappointed I was by the news of the shows demise. I really loved watching Geoff Stults and Michael Clarke Duncan every week, and will definitely miss the show.

Next up this week, I believe, is ABC!

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NBC Fall 2012 Lineup

13 May

NBC officially released their fall schedule this afternoon. Take a look below, followed by some random thoughts from me (New shows marked with an asterisk and linked to trailers)!

8PM: The Voice
10PM: Revolution*

8PM: The Voice
9PM: Go On*
9:30PM: The New Normal*
10PM: Parenthood

8PM: Animal Practice*
8:30PM: Guys with Kids*
9PM: Law & Order: SVU
10PM: Chicago Fire

8PM: 30 Rock
8:30PM: Up All Night
9PM: The Office
9:30PM: Parks and Recreation
10PM: Rock Center with Brian Williams

8PM: Whitney
8:30PM: Community
9PM: Grimm
10PM: Dateline NBC

Sunday (Fall 2012)
7PM: Football Night in America
8:15PM: NBC Sunday Night Football

Sunday (Post-football/Winter 2013)
7PM: Dateline NBC
8PM: Fashion Star
9PM: The Celebrity Apprentice
10PM: Do No Harm*


Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: among NBC’s many cancellations (none of which were particularly surprising), was Awake. The viewer-challenged series aired maybe it’s best episode of this season this week, and although I knew it was destined for cancellation, I was still disappointed when the official word came down from NBC. This show was never going to succeed on broadcast television – it is a premise far better suited for cable – and I hope creator Kyle Killen takes his next awesome idea to some place like FX, AMC, or HBO.

As far as renewals, I was thrilled to see Community, 30 Rock, and Parenthood back on the schedule. Unfortunately, all 3 shows were given small episode orders (13 for Community and 30 Rock, 15 for Parenthood). In the case of 30 Rock, the initial announcement indicated this would be its last season – which I think is probably perfect for the series. Bob Greenblatt, the head of NBC, backed off on that in today’s announcement today though, so who knows. I tend to think in the long run, it will probably end up being the end of the road for 30 Rock (Alec Baldwin certainly seems ready for the end, after all). I just hope Tina Fey gets a chance to end things the way she wants to.

Things are looking a little less upbeat with Community. While the fourth season renewal is obviously exciting, and was by no means a guarantee, the show has been shipped to Friday nights, with a lead-in of Whitney. If that doesn’t scream “death-slot”, I’m not sure what does. What concerns me far more, though, is that Dan Harmon is not signed on to continue as showrunner next season, and Greenblatt didn’t sound particularly optimistic that it would happen. With the departure of executive producers Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan earlier this month, that would make for a pretty big chunk of the creative team walking out the door – and the show has always been Harmon’s brainchild anyway. Fingers crossed they work out a deal, so the (probable) end of our time at Greendale is as funny as ever.

I was glad to see Parenthood left in its Tuesdays-at-10 timeslot. The show isn’t a ratings monster, but it’s been quietly steady there for 3 seasons, and if it’s going to have a shot at maybe getting extra episodes ordered, consistency in the timeslot is going to help out a lot. I was also hoping Jason Katims’ pilot County (starring Jason Ritter and Michael B. Jordan) would get picked up, but I guess the network felt renewing Parenthood was enough Katims on the schedule. Bummer. 🙁

Among the pilots that did get picked up, NBC’s most interesting new show, to me, is Revolution. The network clearly thinks pretty highly of it, as it’s been given the post-Voice time slot to launch from in the fall. Fingers crossed the premise delivers. Most of the other new shows on the schedule aren’t terribly interesting to me. I’m surprised how many comedy blocks the network is rolling with – seems like a ton of sitcoms to me, but maybe it’s just because of how spread out they are through the week. I might check out Go On because I’ve always loved Matthew Perry, but aside from that, I’ll pass. I’m also really interested to see Do No Harm, but the network is holding that for midseason.

I’ll have my take on the other network schedules as they pop up this week!

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First Thoughts: Pilot Pickups 2012

12 May

Although CBS has yet to make their official series pickup announcements, the other major networks spent the last few days renewing/cancelling their existing shows, and ordering the worthy pilots to series for next year. Although there’s not much to go on at this point (mostly a one paragraph summary), here’s my initial thoughts on a few shows I think will be worth watching, and a few I’ll definitely be passing on this fall.

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