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Vlog Season 3 #3 – 2015 Wrap-Up

5 Jan

I’m back! Happy New Year!

I know I went MIA for a while, because life happened and the holidays happened and I got burnt out. But I have a lot of exciting ideas for this year (probably starting in March due to other commitments eating my life right now) that I can’t wait to share with you guys.

In the meantime, I wanted to record a new video with a quick run-through of some of the things I loved on TV while I was away.

What did you guys love this fall?

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Top TV Shows of 2014

17 Dec


It’s time for my entry into the flood of year-end best-of lists!

I had a hell of a time narrowing my list down to just 11 shows (I couldn’t cut it to just 10! And you’ll see a bunch of honorable mentions at the end), there’s just so much terrific TV out there now. These are presented in alphabetical order because trying to rank them would have been damn near impossible.


Agents of SHIELD

I don’t think anyone would try to argue Agents of SHIELD was anything but decently entertaining TV in the early parts of 2014. And then, Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out, and it was a whole different ballgame. Since the release of that movie (and the destruction of SHIELD as we knew it), the show has operated on an entirely different level. The stakes are higher, the focus on a serialized story stronger, and the character development better. The new characters added in Season 2 (particularly Adrianne Palicki’s Bobbi Morse) helped give the team some new, interesting layers as well. It drives me crazy that the series doesn’t have a bigger audience because so many people gave up during the early episodes.

Broad City

I spoke about my love of Broad City in one of my vlogs this summer, and it’s one of my most anticipated returning shows in 2015. I love everything about this show. It’s hilarious, quirky, and the perfect showcase for two brilliant young female comedians in Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. They completely nail what it’s like to be young and living in New York City (in a somewhat heightened way, of course), and their friendship is a delight to watch.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I have written and vlogged about Brooklyn Nine-Nine a ton this year, so it’s appearance on this list shouldn’t be a huge surprise. It’s been my favorite comedy on the air for the bulk of the year. The ensemble is terrific – throw any combination of characters together and the show still works and gets laughs (it is very reminiscent of Michael Schur’s other show, Parks and Recreation in that way). Andre Braugher’s deadpan is a thing of beauty (his loud exclamation of HOT DAMN! was one of my favorite moments on TV all year). The show has also handled the Amy/Jake will-they-or-won’t they – which I was initially terrified would be an awful idea – in a really great way. They’re not leaning too heavily on it but are letting it exist in a way that feels right for both characters.


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Vlog #16 – 2014 Emmy Nominations

18 Jul

The 2014 Emmy nominations were released late last week, and rather than do my usual write-up of reactions, I decided to use that as this week’s vlog topic! I talk about the snubs that bummed me out as well as a few nominations that made me really happy.

What did you guys think of these years nominations? Anything in particular stand out to you? Let me know in the comments here or over on YouTube!

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What I Watched – June 7

7 Jun


© BBC America

© BBC America

We’re heading into the TV-light summer months, so these posts will probably be a bit shorter as I have fewer shows to write about. But let’s get on with it for this week!


Episode of the Week

Orphan Black – “Knowledge of Causes and Secret Motion of Things”
I am constantly amazed at how this show continues to operate at such a high level of quality – and how much it keeps surprising me with plot twists week after week.

First of all, I’m very disappointed in Alison this week. With all of her trust issues and paranoia, she picks Vic the Dick to confide in (and give amazing nine-fingered gloves to)?! NOT a good decision.  It did lead to perhaps the funniest sequence of the week later in the episode – Sarah trying to fake being Alison for the rehab’s role-playing session on family day while Felix and Alison carry a drugged Vic down the halls of the rehab to try to hide him from Angie – so, all is forgiven.

Meanwhile, things are not going so well for poor Cosima and Delphine. It turns out the “promising treatment” discovered earlier this season is actually stem cells from Kira. Delphine was content to never let Cosima find that out – which, of course, she did anyway. I’m not really sure how Delphine expected all of this to go, but there was a terrific, angry speech from Cosima kicking her out of the lab that I really loved. Excellent work (as always) by Tatiana Maslany.

Before the hijinks at rehab, Sarah was busy trying to figure out what to do with Professor Duncan (and, to some extent, how much to trust Mrs. S). Ultimately, Mrs. S wound up running the show on that front, taking Duncan to meet Rachel – who thought he was dead, and actually showed signs of human emotion for the first time – and then letting Rachel deal with Dr. Leekie. As it turns out, Rachel isn’t even remotely the scariest person in this organization – that would be one Marion Bowles, Rachel’s boss (played by the wonderful Michelle Forbes!).

But the biggest shock of the episode happened right at the end: after getting a head start from Rachel on the men presumably coming to kill him, Leekie got tracked down by Donnie, of all people, looking for answers about Alison. Turns out he thought he was monitoring her for some sociological study and had no idea about the clones or anything that went along with it. He pulled a gun, and because he is Donnie, accidentally fires it, and shoots Leekie square in the face. WHAT?!

So much happens in every episode of this show, it’s crazy. There are only three episodes left this season, and I can’t even imagine where things might be headed.


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What I Watched – May 24

24 May


Just an absurdly good week of TV this week.


Episode of the Week

Hannibal – “Mizumono”
Holy crap, you guys, what a finale. I spent the entire last half sitting on the edge of my couch, mouth hanging open, shocked at what I was watching. It was an utterly captivating and amazingly written hour of television.

Thanks to the flash-forward in the premiere, we knew where the episode was headed from the start – the big fight scene between Jack and Hannibal. The episode did a great job building to that moment. I was thrilled to see the return of Gina Torres as Bella Crawford. It lent a nice emotional weight to the episode, both in reminding us what Jack has to lose (his last weeks with his wife, who has not attempted suicide again to give him that time) and in paying off Bella’s last appearance.

The context of the fight also ended up being quite different from what I expected, as Jack has basically gone rogue. Kade Prurnell puts Jack on “compassionate” leave due to Bella’s impending death, and then puts out a warrant for his and Will’s arrest due to the games they have played in trying to catch Hannibal in the act. As she points out – the only person the FBI knows is a killer is Will Graham. So Jack says a quiet goodbye to Bella, and just goes through with his plan to get Hannibal, with no backup, and knowing the cost could very well be his life.

Meanwhile, Alana has FINALLY figured out Hannibal for what he truly is, and pleads Jack and Will’s case to Prurnell. After getting nowhere, she goes after Jack, hoping to save him. Instead, she find herself face-to-face with a bloody Hannibal, armed with an empty gun (the bastard thinks of EVERYTHING!) and is forced to run away, leaving Jack bleeding out in the pantry. While hiding from Hannibal upstairs, we get one of many shocks of this last sequence – an alive, apologetic, and frightened Abigail Hobbs, emerging from the shadows just in time to push Alana out the window.

Will arrives shortly after and finds Alana bleeding on the ground outside Hannibal’s home. He calls for help and runs inside – only to encounter Abigail. Hannibal quietly enters as Will (and all of the audience) is trying to figure out what on earth is going on and basically guts Will. He then proceeds to ask Will for forgiveness for his actions, and when Will says no, slits Abigail’s throat right then and there. At this point, I think I may have stopped breathing.

The episode ends with Hannibal leaving the carnage behind just before help arrives. Every main character on the show is near death – Jack bleeding out from the piece of glass in his neck, Alana suffering from her fall through the window, and Will gutted from Hannibal’s knife. Abigail is almost certainly dead. It’s looking very bleak for our heroes going forward.

And in case that wasn’t enough to wonder about going into (THANK THE TV GODS!) next season, after the credits we get a glimpse of Hannibal on the run with a very interesting travel companion – one Bedelia Du Maurier.

Insane and amazing stuff. This is going to be a very, very different show next year – both due to some likely deaths, and because the structure will have to change with Hannibal on the run. I can’t wait.


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What I Watched – May 10

10 May


My apologies for the disappearing act the last couple of weeks. If you follow me on Twitter, you know it was for a good reason – I was in the process of getting a new job! I start in 2 weeks and I’m very excited.

But enough of my news – on with the weekly round-up!


Episode of the Week

Warehouse 13 – “Savage Seduction”

I know this show isn’t exactly a “prestige” drama, and there were probably better things that aired this week – but nothing even approached being as fun or entertaining as this episode of Warehouse 13.

The case of the week involved an artifact that caused Pete’s ex-girlfriend Kelly’s grandmother (and, in the process, Kelly and Myka) to get sucked into a spanish telenovela. Once they were in the show, they completely forgot who they were and believed they were their characters from the telenovela. Pete and Artie went in after them, armed with an artifact (Harvey Korman’s cufflinks) that would allow them to retain their memory of who they were in the real world. Needless to say, hilarity ensued.

First of all, seeing the cast all done up in the silly costumes for the telenovela – Pete with that RIDICULOUS moustache, Myka in the maid’s outfit, Artie with his slicked back hair – was so, so fun. Watching Pete and Artie’s initial reactions upon arriving in the telenova and realizing what they looked like, which characters they were, and that they could only speak Spanish was a blast, as was seeing them try to navigate the world of this overdramatic television show without getting themselves or Kelly’s grandmother killed in the process.

Once Pete, Myka, and Artie started strategically (and in some instances, not-so-strategically) passing the cufflinks around to change which pair of them remembered who they were so they could try to recover the artifact that trapped them all in the show, things reached such a perfectly wonderful level of ridiculous. Sometimes it’s nice to see a show just go all-in on silliness and having some fun and this was a great example of that paying off.

The B-plot featuring Claudia and Steve had some pretty amazing bits this week, too, as they tried to recover an artifact from some stereotypically terrible fraternity guys. The artifact, a double-sided candle,  was allowing them to do a really horrible hazing ritual with new pledges and then project the drunken side effects onto unsuspecting bystanders. Unfortunately, as Steve tried to recover the candle from the guys, he got split into TWO STEVES – one his more serious, agent-y side, and the other what I can only describe as in his inner stereotypical gay best friend. Aaron Ashmore was terrific playing the two halves of Steve – the super-gay half was hilarious and watching him pick on himself was so fun.

The only qualm I have with the episode is that it continued an alarming trend the show has started during the final season – apparently, Pete is in love with Myka now? I’ve never gotten that vibe from them, and I don’t know why the show is suddenly so interested in the two of them being a couple as we race toward the end of the series. Not all partners have to end up in a couple, guys.

In any case, just a delightfully fun hour of TV, and probably one of my favorites of the whole series.


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