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New York Comic Con 2015!

15 Oct

As you may or may not be aware, this past weekend was NEW YORK COMIC CON! This was my 6th year attending the convention and it was, as always, an absolute blast. I saw quite a few TV-related things during the weekend and thought I’d share some thoughts on those panels and screenings.

The Expanse

In case I haven’t made it painfully obvious in my three-ish years of blogging, I love me a good space opera. There’s not enough of them in the world. So when I was presented with the opportunity for a preview screening of Syfy’s latest attempt at the genre, The Expanse, I jumped on it.

The verdict? I really liked it, but couldn’t summarize the plot for you if my life depended on it. I don’t know if it was the echo-y sound in the room causing me to miss dialogue periodically, my own exhaustion after a long first day of NYCC, the pilot really being that confusing, or all of the above, but I felt like I missed an intro somewhere. The show is slick and has exactly the feel I want from a space opera, but I’m hoping it’ll start making a little more sense going forward.

The panel discussion following the screening of The Expanse

The panel discussion after the screening of The Expanse


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New York Comic Con 2013

18 Oct

New York Comic Con was this past weekend, and rather than do a write-up review like I did last fall, I did a video wrap up of my weekend!

The convention is always one of my favorite weekends of the year, so despite missing a bunch of stuff Saturday and being slightly hindered by my knee, I still had a blast. Hope you enjoyed my video!

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New York Comic Con 2012

15 Oct

This weekend was New York Comic Con, which is always one of the most fun (and exhausting!) weekends of the year. Here’s a look at my experience at this year’s con!


Thursday at NYCC is basically “preview night”, although this year  for the first time there were some panels in the evening as well. The four-day pass is totally worth it for access to the show floor on Thursday, because it is SO much less crowded than the rest of the weekend. I basically showed up at 4PM, started at one corner of the floor, and just worked my way to the other end. Since there weren’t a zillion sweaty nerds making it impossible to move (like there were the rest of the weekend), I was able to take my time, look at everything, buy some stuff, and enjoy myself. An excellent use of a few hours, in my opinion!

I did attend one panel as well, called “Comics Pros And Film Buffs: When Fanboys Collide”. It was a really interesting discussion about how comic book movies and the comics themselves influence each other, and how the comic book creators feel about the influence. There were some really great points brought up for both the positive and negative.

I had initially planned on going to the NYCC Kickoff Concert Thursday night, which featured Ben Folds Five, but I saw them play in Central Park last month, and had a back full of graphic novels weighing me down (and a busy weekend ahead of me!) so I decided to call it a night early and head home.

Here are some pictures from the show floor:


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