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Vlog Season 3 #5: The Walking Dead Season 6

6 Apr

So, this is not the video I intended to make this week, but at least I made a video without waiting 4 months in between! PROGRESS.

The Walking Dead‘s sixth season finale made me VERY angry (as did much of the rest of the season), so I decided to film myself ranting about it.

How are you guys feeling about The Walking Dead lately?

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Vlog Season 3 #3 – 2015 Wrap-Up

5 Jan

I’m back! Happy New Year!

I know I went MIA for a while, because life happened and the holidays happened and I got burnt out. But I have a lot of exciting ideas for this year (probably starting in March due to other commitments eating my life right now) that I can’t wait to share with you guys.

In the meantime, I wanted to record a new video with a quick run-through of some of the things I loved on TV while I was away.

What did you guys love this fall?

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What I Watched – March 28

28 Mar


It’s been a while! If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’ve been having some health issues that have kept me from updating and vlog-making. I still haven’t gotten any answers, but I have started feeling better, so I should be back to something vaguely resembling a regular schedule (as regular as it ever is, since I am the worst) going forward!


Episode of the Week

Better Call Saul – “RICO”
Another week, another amazing episode of Better Call Saul. Vince Gilligan and friends are just killing it right now, you guys.

One of the things the show is doing really well that I think is a terrific storytelling device is the little pre-credits flashbacks every week. They are telling so much story in so little time, and this week’s was no different. Before he was a lawyer, Jimmy worked in the mailroom at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill – and he went to school at night, without anybody (besides Kim) knowing about it to get his law degree. Once he passed the bar, he went to Chuck to ask if he could join the practice. Chuck deferred to Howard, who turned Jimmy down in a terrifically filmed, dialogue free sequence where the only sound was a copy machine. This small bit of information added so many layers to our ongoing story – it certainly explained even further why Jimmy hates Howard so much, and gives us a sense of how hard Jimmy has worked to get, up to this point, basically nowhere in the law field.

That made it all the more satisfying to see Jimmy hit on an actual case this week. We’ve seen him succeeding with elder law the past few weeks – wandering from nursing home to nursing home to help people with wills and the like. This week, he realized one of his clients was getting way overcharged, did some digging (literally, in a dumpster, which was one of the more entertaining sequences of the episode), and landed on a pretty big fraud case.

To make things even better, Jimmy brought Chuck in on things and we got to see the two brothers working together on the case. For most of the show so far, Chuck has been relegated to the outskirts, hiding at home while Jimmy pops in and out to bring him supplies and what not. We’ve been told he used to be a terrific lawyer, but have never really seen him in action. Once he realized what Jimmy had stumbled into this week, it was like the old Chuck finally woke up. He was digging through paperwork, spitting out case names to investigate, and bantering with Jimmy – it was really fun to watch.

And then, to end the episode, Chuck wandered outside without even thinking about it to get supplies from Jimmy’s car. No space blanket, no shakes and pain – just walked right out the front door, grabbed the keys out of the mailbox, and started shuffling through Jimmy’s trunk. It wasn’t until Jimmy walked outside to see what was going on that Chuck realized, looked shocked, and dropped everything. It will be fascinating to see what his response is next week. Did working the case with Jimmy snap him out of whatever mental issue he’d been having long enough to shake the worst of his electromagnetism fears? Or will that brief lapse cause everything to get worse all over again?

While all of this was going on, there was also a fairly significant, if brief, development in the life of Mike Ehrmantraut. After babysitting for Kaylee and finding out about his daughter-in-law’s money issues, we see him visit the vet from a few weeks back (the one that patched the gun shot wound in his shoulder) – and offer his services. This is an enormous step towards the Mike we know from Breaking Bad.

Only two more episodes to go this season – can’t wait to see where the show is headed before the finale!


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What I Watched – February 14

14 Feb



Apologies for going MIA last week, I had a completely insane schedule and watched basically nothing. It’s hard to write about things you haven’t seen. On to this week!

Episode of the Week

Agent Carter – “A Sin to Err”
I am completely in love with Agent Carter, you guys. The show has been SO good in its short run so far, and although I’m excited for Agents of SHIELD to come back in March, I will be very sad to see Peggy leave us so soon.

The main event this week was Agent Sousa letting the rest of the SSR in on what he discovered at the end of last week’s episode – that Peggy was the mystery woman from the club and cabin incidents. Most of the second half of the episode focused on Peggy attempting to avoid being arrested. The show did a terrific job with the fight sequence in the diner, in particular – one minute, Peggy and Jarvis are having a polite conversation, the next, she’s taken out multiple SSR agents and Jarvis is looking all kinds of pleased with himself for whacking a guy over the head with a tray.


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What I Watched – December 6

6 Dec


Lots of build-up for upcoming mid-season finales this week!


Episode of the Week

Agents of SHIELD – “Ye Who Enter Here”
Can we just take a moment to recognize once again how awesome this show has been in season 2? I’m so sad it’s going to be off for a couple of months after next week (even if it is making room for the hopefully amazing Agent Carter).

This week’s episode set up for what I’m sure will be a terrific mid-season finale. It managed to do the usual chess-piece-moving you see in penultimate episodes without being boring (as is often the case). It also continued the terrific character work we’ve seen all season long that has been such a welcome improvement for the show.

We all agree that Adrianne Palicki’s Bobbi Morse has nearly instantly become this show’s MVP, correct? I hope like hell ABC/Marvel get her locked in as a series regular. Bobbi’s conversation with Simmons about Fitz this week was the first chance we’ve gotten to really see/hear Jemma’s feelings on everything that happened while the two of them were trapped underwater. Her conversation with Coulson about how different he was from Fury provided some nice character depth for both of them. And I continue to love her interactions with Hunter (although they were brief this week). She’s just KILLING it right now.

I also loved seeing the Agents Koenig pop up again. Patton Oswalt is perfect in the part, and the show is having so much fun with teasing us about how many of them there are and using their Wonder Twin powers as needed. I imagine if they were around constantly the gag would get old, but the show has used them sparingly enough that it’s a delight when they are around for an episode or two.

I don’t know what the deal is with Raina, or whose side she’s really on, but I find her fascinating to watch. You never quite know what she’s up to, it always seems like she knows just slightly more than she’s letting on, and there’s just the slightest hint of crazy in her eyes at all times. As recurring “baddies” go on this show, she’s been on of my favorites.

Of course, we also got another dose of Evil Grant Ward this week when he showed up to take Raina and kidnap Skye. It would seem he has an agenda that is entirely his own, which should be interesting going forward. I’m not sure how he plans to take on Hydra (which I would think he’s going to have to if he’s blatantly ignoring orders from Whitehall), but it might be fun to watch him try. It was also a lot of fun to watch the Koenigs and May seethe at him while he just smugly did his thing. I’m really enjoying the smug asshole version of Ward a lot more than the cardboard version we had for so much of last season.

The other big mission this week, of course, was finding the alien city. It definitely seemed like the team had found it entirely too easy for their own good, so not big surprise that the first guy down there had something terrible happen to him. I hope Mack isn’t actually dead, I kind of liked what he brought to the team (and especially his dynamic with Fitz) – but it doesn’t look good.

Very curious to see what the show does in the finale next week, and where things leave off heading into the hiatus!


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Vlog Season 2 #4 – Comic Book Shows

21 Nov

I’ve FINALLY got another new video live!

This week, I talked about the various comic book shows on the air right now that I’m enjoying – The Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD, The Flash, and Gotham.

What’s your favorite comic book show right now?

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What I Watched – November 15

15 Nov


I have been super-crazy-insane busy lately, hence the lack of posts and new vlogs. I am a terrible blogger. New video coming Friday, and more regular blog content coming starting now!

Episode of the Week

The Walking Dead – “Self-Help”
The Walking Dead has been on a roll in season 5 so far – I really love what the series has done since blowing out of Terminus in the premiere. This week’s episode did an excellent job of providing some much-needed character development for Abraham and Eugene while also pushing the plot forward in a pretty significant way.

Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita joined the show last season, but given all the moving parts and different groups we had to worry about in the journey towards Terminus, we hadn’t spent a lot of time with them. Eugene was the slightly weird nerd who supposedly knew how to end the zombie plague. Abraham was the muscle helping him get where he needed to go. Rosita was Abraham’s girlfriend. That was about it.

This week, we got a little peek into how Abraham ended up here. Shown (very effectively) in short clips throughout the episode, we saw Abraham beat several men to death – right in front of his wife and two children. They were ultimately so afraid of him afterwards, they decided they were better off leaving than staying with him – and were nearly immediately killed by walkers. Overcome with grief, Abraham is just about to blow his own head off when Eugene wanders by, screaming for help. Abraham saves him, and the rest, we assume, is history.

All of this added extra context to Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Maggie, and Glenn’s struggles while headed for D.C. The gang ran into a series of hurdles – bus crashes, broken-down firetrucks, zombie herds – that would send any rational person back to the relative safety of the church and the rest of the group. Abraham, however, remained hell-bent on his mission. In the context of his story, however, and the fact that Eugene is literally the only reason he’s still alive, his borderline-crazy behavior was much more understandable.

This all led up to Eugene’s revelation that he was not a scientist, but rather just a very good liar who had figured out an excellent way to get people to help him stay alive. I’ve been waiting for that information to come out all season – I’ve read the comics, and didn’t expect them to change that particular bit – and was thrilled with how the show handled the big moment. After Abraham spent the entire hour seemingly losing his grip on his sanity – as we were slowly shown his sad history – to end the episode with him nearly beating Eugene to death and then stumbling away horrified that he’d slipped back into that behavior was a really intense and emotional way for the show to land what was already a great hour of the show.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the show handles Abraham going forward (although it looks like next week we finally get to see what happened on Carol and Daryl’s trip to save Beth!) and how the dynamics of that segment of the group change given everything that happened.

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Vlog Season 2 #3 – Characters I’m Loving Lately

24 Oct

New vlog day!

This week, inspired mostly by a desire to talk about my love of Carol on The Walking Dead, I talk a little bit about a few characters/performances that have really captured my attention in the first few weeks of the fall TV season.

What characters have been your favorites lately?

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What I Watched – October 18

18 Oct


I’m finally recovered from an AMAZING New York Comic Con weekend last week, and I’m getting caught up on all the TV I missed!

Episode of the Week

The Walking Dead – “No Sanctuary”
I have such a love-hate relationship with The Walking Dead. It is so often a few infuriating choices away from being a really good show it makes me crazy. But then it occasionally throws out an episode like this week’s season five premiere (premieres have always been a strong point for the series), or last season’s stunning “The Grove”, and I remember why I stick around through the frustrating episodes.

“No Sanctuary” was a great hour of TV. The show jumped right back in where we left off last season, with the bulk of the group locked up in the boxcar in Terminus. The episode wasted no time getting to the action, beginning with an excruciating sequence that saw Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Bob, and several people from another group tied up and lined up over a trough. The non-main characters were then knocked out with a baseball bat and had their throats slit one by one, in almost assembly line fashion. Gruesome stuff.

Meanwhile, Carol and Tyreese are slowly heading towards Terminus with Lil’ Ass-kicker baby Judith in tow. Tyreese is still visibly shaken from the Lizzie incident, unable to even bring himself to kill walkers. While they’re out walking, they stumble upon a guy from Terminus and overhear him talking about “the chick with the sword and the kid with the hat”. Carol immediately snaps into action mode.

I’ve written here before about my absolute love for Carol, and I’ll be talking about it again in my next video (Spoiler alert!), so I won’t get into it too much, but needless to say – watching her save the day in this episode was IMMENSELY satisfying. I love that this woman has become perhaps the strongest, savviest person in the group, able to immediately sense that something is wrong, put a plan in action, and save the people who matter to her.

Once Carol blew the ever-loving crap out of the Terminus compound – letting in a nearby zombie herd – all hell broke loose (in the best way!). The rest of the gang spent their time in the boxcar fashioning makeshift weapons out of whatever they can find. Wooden planks, Rosa’s earrings, pieces of pipe – you name it, it was getting sharpened for battle. Good thing, too, since it allowed for some very creative zombie killing as everyone escaped.

It probably got a little lost in the theatrics at Terminus, but I thought what the episode did for Tyreese was really well done. This is a guy we’ve seen struggle with loss and doing what needs to be done at times, but if he’s going to make it he’s going to have to learn to make the tough calls and do things that might fall in a morally gray area. Seeing him snap back into bad-ass mode to save Judith was a great step in that direction.

I’m curious to see where they’re headed this season – we’re starting to get into the chunk of the comics I don’t remember as much. Since they spent the time showing us the (albeit brief) origins of Terminus, will we see Gareth or any of those folks again? And what happens if/when Morgan finds the group (super exciting to see him again, by the way). Great start to the season, looking forward to what comes next!


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What I Watched – March 22

22 Mar


Time for another weekly round-up!

Episode of the Week

The Walking Dead  – “The Grove”
It’s been nearly a week and I’m still not sure I have proper words to articulate the emotional impact of this episode. There was no doubt in my mind from the second it ended Sunday evening it was going to be the best thing I watched this week.

It’s been pretty apparent since Lizzie was introduced that she wasn’t quite right. She didn’t understand the walkers and wasn’t afraid of them like you’d expect a little girl would be. It sure looked like she tried to smother baby Judith a few weeks ago. I figured something tragic was bound to happen. But I had no idea how tragic.

Carol has been my favorite character on this show by a pretty wide margin for quite a while now – I think she’s had a fascinating story arc and, unlike many of the other characters, actually grown and developed as the series has progressed (It helps, of course, that Melissa McBride is such a terrific actress). I am so glad that after her “banishment” in the early part of the season she’s back again – and dealing with such heavy, heavy material to boot. She’s already lost one daughter. To have taken in these girls, only to see them lost in such a horrific manner – one at her own hands – even a week later, I can’t quite get my head around it. Such immense sadness and loss.

Meanwhile, Tyreese is still trying to cope with the new world and his anger about the person that killed Karen and David – unaware that person just happens to be his new traveling partner and friend, Carol. It hadn’t been terribly clear initially if Carol felt remorse about having to kill Karen and David in trying to contain the outbreak at the prison, but as Tyreese confided in her, the pain on her face was apparent, and it was clear she was struggling to keep the information a secret. It was only after their shared horror at Lizzie’s actions (and the losses that followed) that Carol felt safe confiding in him – and I think it was only then that he finally understood the bigger picture enough to forgive her.

I know not everyone has been a fan of the small groups approach of The Walking Dead this half-season, but if it allows for episodes like this, I am completely on board. An absolutely stunning (and heartbreaking) hour of television.


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