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Vlog Season 3 #3 – 2015 Wrap-Up

5 Jan

I’m back! Happy New Year!

I know I went MIA for a while, because life happened and the holidays happened and I got burnt out. But I have a lot of exciting ideas for this year (probably starting in March due to other commitments eating my life right now) that I can’t wait to share with you guys.

In the meantime, I wanted to record a new video with a quick run-through of some of the things I loved on TV while I was away.

What did you guys love this fall?

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Vlog Season 2 #15 – You’re the Worst

4 Sep

I’m back!

I know it’s been a while – I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my summer and as such, not watching as much TV (or at least nothing worth writing/vlogging about). But with the fall TV season right around the corner, you should be seeing much more from me over the next couple of months!

This week’s vlog is all about the amazing You’re the WorstI wrote a lot about this show last year after falling completely in love with it late in its first season. With season two premiering next week (Wednesday 9/9 at 10:30 on FXX!), I wanted to talk a bit about what is so great about the show and why you should check it out!

Are you guys You’re the Worst fans? Looking forward to season two next week? Let me know in the comments!

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Top TV Shows of 2014

17 Dec


It’s time for my entry into the flood of year-end best-of lists!

I had a hell of a time narrowing my list down to just 11 shows (I couldn’t cut it to just 10! And you’ll see a bunch of honorable mentions at the end), there’s just so much terrific TV out there now. These are presented in alphabetical order because trying to rank them would have been damn near impossible.


Agents of SHIELD

I don’t think anyone would try to argue Agents of SHIELD was anything but decently entertaining TV in the early parts of 2014. And then, Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out, and it was a whole different ballgame. Since the release of that movie (and the destruction of SHIELD as we knew it), the show has operated on an entirely different level. The stakes are higher, the focus on a serialized story stronger, and the character development better. The new characters added in Season 2 (particularly Adrianne Palicki’s Bobbi Morse) helped give the team some new, interesting layers as well. It drives me crazy that the series doesn’t have a bigger audience because so many people gave up during the early episodes.

Broad City

I spoke about my love of Broad City in one of my vlogs this summer, and it’s one of my most anticipated returning shows in 2015. I love everything about this show. It’s hilarious, quirky, and the perfect showcase for two brilliant young female comedians in Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. They completely nail what it’s like to be young and living in New York City (in a somewhat heightened way, of course), and their friendship is a delight to watch.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I have written and vlogged about Brooklyn Nine-Nine a ton this year, so it’s appearance on this list shouldn’t be a huge surprise. It’s been my favorite comedy on the air for the bulk of the year. The ensemble is terrific – throw any combination of characters together and the show still works and gets laughs (it is very reminiscent of Michael Schur’s other show, Parks and Recreation in that way). Andre Braugher’s deadpan is a thing of beauty (his loud exclamation of HOT DAMN! was one of my favorite moments on TV all year). The show has also handled the Amy/Jake will-they-or-won’t they – which I was initially terrified would be an awful idea – in a really great way. They’re not leaning too heavily on it but are letting it exist in a way that feels right for both characters.


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What I Watched – September 20

20 Sep
© FX

© FX

Fall TV has begun! These weekly posts should be more interesting (and more frequent) now.

Episode of the Week

You’re The Worst – “Fists and Feet and Stuff”
If you follow me on Twitter, I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me talk about this show (and aren’t surprised to see it pop up again here). This week’s finale was terrific – I only hope FX has the good sense to give the show a second season so we can spend more time with all these wonderful characters.

The finale dropped us in on everyone’s lives post-Gretchen and Jimmy’s breakup via a montage. Gretchen is attempting to live cleanly – we see her juicing and running (and shitting herself while running, likely not part of the plan). Jimmy is trying and failing to write. Lindsay is banging UPS guys, clearly on the verge of a total breakdown. Edgar is living out of his car (but has a job!). In the midst of all of this, Becca and Vernon throw a barbecue, setting the stage for everyone to be in the same place again for the finale.

Once everyone shows up at the party, we get to see the fallout from everything that has happened the last few weeks and the repair (or destruction) of several relationships.


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What I Watched – September 6

6 Sep
© FX

© FX


Short wrap-up this week as there hasn’t been a ton on lately. Just a few more weeks until fall TV starts up and then I’ll have more TV to write about than I know what to do with!

Show of the Week

You’re The Worst
Earlier this summer, FX premiered two new Thursday night comedies – Married and You’re the Worst. Based on the promos, I was on board for Married. You’re the Worst, however, looked like something I would hate, and I barely gave it a second thought.

Consider this my mea culpa.

After seeing a lot of positive chatter around the internet recently, when I had a sick day and lots of time to kill this week, I decided to check the show out. It is TERRIFIC.

First of all, the chemistry between Gretchen (Aya Cash) and Jimmy (Chris Geere) is excellent. They play “really into each other but don’t want to admit it” so, so well. Aya Cash, in particular, is such fun to watch as Gretchen. The small reactions she has to various things Jimmy does as their undefined relationship slowly progresses towards something more committed are perfect.


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